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"Accountability is a major factor in me achieving my fitness goals.

Bobby provides me with the discipline and motivation to keep going

when I want to quit."

After seeing the results that my husband gained from working with Bobby I decided that I wanted in too! I was an unhappy size 18 at the time and within 1 year I became a size 10 - then I got pregnant. I continued training with Bobby all through my pregnancy right up until the end of my third trimester (early 2017), all the while resisting his advice to stick to my clean disciplined diet and instead using my pregnancy as an excuse to binge on junk foods which was also encouraged by family and friends , and just society in general (eating for two and all that..) Big mistake! Needless to say that I am now a full-time Mummy and almost back into my size 10 dresses. We are looking to get pregnant again in the near future, but this time it will be different. I now realise that being pregnant is not an excuse to just eat what I want when I feel like it, and I will be sticking to my (now) normal clean healthy diet. With Bobby's help and guidance I know it will be much easier this time. I enjoy working with Bobby as I need the accountability that he provides for me. I struggle trying to do it on my own but with Bobby by my side I know that I'll succeed in sticking to a happy healthy lifestyle.  

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