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client stories

"If you want a winning posing routine I highly recommend

Bobby to help you to get the best out of your physique by

displaying it to the best of your ability."

I really struggled putting together a posing routine for my first show back in 2012. After asking around a mutual friend of ours he told me that I needed to go and see Bobby. We practiced the mandatory poses for hours until I mastered them (believe me, this is not easy), then we started to put a routine together, and over the period of about 6 weeks of constant practice we had a posing routine that I was confident with and suited my personality to a tee. I never knew that it would be so tough and demanding on both my mind and body but we pushed through and made it work. Every time I compete I always turn to Bobby to help me put a winning routine together. He's very critical and has an excellent eye for aesthetics. He analyses my physique from a judges point of view and leaves no stone unturned. Highly recommended!  

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