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  • Before partaking in any type of physical activity you should consult your doctor or physician. 

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  • All images are of my clients and/or of myself. No stock images have been used in the creation of this website.

  • Depicting false images of models/actors goes against my own ethical stance on business marketing . Everything that you see here is real and raw.

  • Individual client's results are based upon the level of effort applied & the amount of attention payed to all advice given to my clients by myself. 

  • No liability will be taken by myself for a lack of commitment/adherence (on the clients behalf) to all instructions given to them by myself.

  • In the case of death or injury no liability will by taken by myself in cases that all instructed safety protocols are not adhered to by my client.

  • My role with my clients is to provide motivation & knowledge of exercise & nutrition. No liability will be taken by myself for a lack of commitment by my clients.

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