The term "toning" is a vague description of the look (toned) that some want to attain, which is, "not too muscular", and "not too lean". However, most people think that in order to attain this look that they have to train and eat differently from someone who wants to be very lean and muscular. This is a fallacy as the toned look is acquired in exactly the same way, the only difference being that the person that just wants to be toned will reach their goal much sooner than the person training to be very lean and muscular.


Once the toned look is attained then all you have to do is maintain the lifestyle that got you there in the first place. The person who wants the leaner more muscular look will however have to continue to develop their physique by constantly making changes. The more that they advance in their stages of development, the more food they will need to eat, they will also have to keep progressing their training intensity to continually overload the muscles to make them bigger and leaner.

If your goal is to tone up I will show you the basic principles of training and nutrition, and with a little discipline on your behalf we will have you rocking that little black dress like never before!

To find out more on how best to tone your body contact me for an informal chat.



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