muscle building

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Building bigger and stronger muscles requires the stimulation (intense weight training), replenishment (all the right nutrients), and recovery of  muscle fibres.


In order for a muscle to grow it must first be put under a considerable amount of stress by resisting a measured overload in a particular pattern of movement (weight/resistance training) in order to stimulate the muscle fibre response. Once the muscle has been stimulated/broken down it must then be followed up by a period of recovery for recuperation and growth. During this period the muscles need to absorb certain nutrients from the bloodstream in order the energy and the building blocks for growth. More importantly if  they are not fed the  nutrients that they require the body will be in a nutrient deficient state, having the reverse effect of the intended purpose, meaning that the body will break down further (suffer illness) and result in continued muscular breakdown instead of muscle growth.


This is why it is very important to know what you are doing, and to not go blindly guessing your way around the gym, and just as importantly - ensuring that you  eat the required nutrients before, during, and after training. Not consuming the required nutrients can be quite dangerous as the wrong type of diet will  lessen your quality of life. Nutrition is most definitely Key for both building muscle and leading a quality life!

Whatever your muscle building goals are I will show you the best and most efficient ways to build your body using the principles and methods used by the worlds most successful bodybuilders and athletes.

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